Apr 19, 2024

STC123: 3 practical ways to avoid procrastinating on your sales activities


STC123 3 practical ways to avoid procrastinating on your sales activities

Do you find yourself constantly saying, “I’ll do it later,” when it comes to your sales tasks? You’re not alone so shake off the shackles of procrastination and take control of your sales success!

In this episode, we’re going to unpack the reasons why we procrastinate on our sales activities and discuss 3 practical ways to stop stalling and stride confidently towards our goals.

We’ll look at how procrastination can cost us not just our peace of mind but also our business growth, and why relying on feelings over data can steer us off course.

This isn’t an episode about beating ourselves up for delaying tasks; instead, it’s about understanding the types of procrastinators and how we can manage it effectively to maintain momentum in our sales pipelines. From embracing a proven process to surrounding ourselves with the right kind of successful influences, we’ll explore strategies that can spur us into action. And remember, it’s the start of a new financial year, so there’s no better time to refresh our approaches and say goodbye to procrastination!

In this episode I’m sharing;

  • Discussing the different types of procrastinators and their traits and the strategies for managing and overcoming procrastination types

  • By frontloading your day with key sales activities, you’re more likely to see them through. Learn how placing these tasks first can set you up for daily success.

  • Understanding the negative impact of procrastination on sales success

  • The importance of making sales decisions based on data and action rather than feelings

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a successful and result-oriented community

  • The importance and necessity of tracking sales performance

  • Exploring the common causes of delaying sales tasks and addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of procrastination in sales


Key Quotes;


Overcoming Sales Procrastination: “This episode is not about beating yourself up and feeling bad because you haven’t done your sales activity or anything like that. It really is about the practical ways that you can overcome and understand why procrastination has become such a big part of your business life.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:03:29][00:03:52]


The Impact of Procrastination on Business: “what you do now impacts your business in 90 days’ time.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:19:52][00:19:55]


Understanding Procrastination: “You have to know who you are and what kind of procrastinator you are so that you can solve it.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:30:09][00:30:13]


The Psychology of Procrastination in Sales: “In terms of understanding why people procrastinate on sales activity, the second biggest thing was that people weren’t sure what to do or when to do it.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:12:29][00:12:44]


Improving Business Efficiency: “if you are not as effective, or you know that tracking your revenue, tracking your numbers, tracking your metrics isn’t your thing, go and download the sales tracker spreadsheet because that will be much more effective than you procrastinating on tracking your revenue.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:09:05][00:09:29]



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