May 31, 2024

STC126: The #1 sales lesson I learnt from LA (plus others to help you smash your sales goals!)


STC126 The #1 sales lesson I learnt from LA (plus others to help you smash your sales goals!)

In this insightful episode, we delve into the strategic shift many online business owners are making from B2C to B2B revenue streams. Jess doesn’t just offer a theoretical perspective; she draws from her own experiences and substantial investments in her own professional journey.

From her recent visit to Los Angeles to analysing the city’s unique approach to opportunity cultivation, Jess’s anecdotes blend personal growth with practical business insights and covers the importance of a solid B2B sales process, the value of impactful networking events, and how transparency and persistence can redefine your sales strategy.

“Wintering in LA” isn’t just a dream—it’s a blueprint for opportunity! Jess also shares how the city’s open, transparent approach to networking transformed her sales mindset. It’s all about embracing opportunity boldly. So if you’ve ever wondered how to supplement your B2C revenue with high-paying, predictable corporate revenue – tune in!

In this episode I’m sharing;

  • Transitioning to Corporate Revenue Streams: Tips for Success and Networking

  • Enhancing B2C Income with Corporate Sales: A Strategic Approach

  • Insights into B2B Sales: Tight Processes and Corporate Revenue Opportunities

  • Moving Beyond B2C: Strategies for Successful Corporate Client Engagement

  • Boosting Corporate Sales: Networking, Investments, and Mindset Shifts

  • Debunking Sales Stigmas: Transparent Approaches to B2B Success

  • The Power of In-Person Events for Corporate Revenue Growth

  • From Masterminds to Corporate Sales: Building Networks and Seizing Opportunities


Key Quotes;


Seizing Opportunities in Los Angeles: “In Los Angeles, it is super normal for people to very transparently ask for opportunities.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:17:37][00:17:44]


Navigating Opportunities in LA: “A lot of people are working in spaces where they feel like they might meet people who are able to cultivate those opportunities or whether they’re going to be able to have more of those opportunity cultivating conversations, which I think is very cool.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:19:53][00:20:11]


Maximise the Return on Networking: “If you’re going to go to an event make sure that it is going to be something that is going to generate a return on investment for you. Not just in terms of what you’re learning but in terms of who are you spending time with? And how is that helping you move forward?”

— Jess Lorimer [00:12:28][00:12:45]



The New Landscape of Corporate Sales: “With corporate companies, can you show that you are capable of delivering the transformation that you promise you can? Do you go in and do a great job and have a clear upsell process? Do you have a clear B to B sales process where you’re able to target new corporate clients consistently, book sales calls consistently, navigate those sales calls competently, and be selling premium price solutions that you actually deliver really, really well to those organisations.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:34:37][00:35:10]



The Dark Side of B2C Marketing: “Ultimately, the B2C space had become this kind of cesspit, which is quite a strong word, isn’t it? But it had become this kind of cesspit where funnels and not actually delivering what was promised to clients had become the norm.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:06:31][00:06:48]


Non-Competitive Networking: “It’s a very different energy because it’s not, like a kind of competitive, we all have to be the best in the room so that we get the most, you know, clients from the room or that we get the most, like, use out of audience building opportunities.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:14:01][00:14:21]



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