Jun 28, 2024

STC128: Why poor pricing strategies are keeping your sales stuck


STC128 Why poor pricing strategies are keeping your sales stuck

Today’s episode is shedding light on why a poor pricing strategy could be the very reason that your sales have become stagnant, and also how a poor strategy can impact sales success in the corporate world.

As well as sharing why companies need to invest in training, consulting and marketing to thrive in challenging economic climates, I’m also addressing the misconceptions around budget and pricing. Sharing the reasons why September is a prime time to fine tune your pricing and negotiation skills and why focusing on price only can be a red flag. So if you want to explore the importance of understanding client priorities and how to position your services, struggling with setting prices or want to ensure you stand out for delivering value, this episode is packed with actionable strategies you won’t want to miss.

In this episode I’m sharing;

  • Why companies must invest in crucial areas such as training, consulting, coaching, and marketing to remain competitive across varying economic conditions. These investments help growth and transformation within the business.
  • How you can set clear and realistic pricing by understanding your client’s expectations and priorities. 
  • Why September is a strategic time to sell to corporates and the chances of closing deals may be higher as companies are often preparing for new fiscal quarters.
  • When sales revolve around price, the process tends to shift towards volume and convenience, detracting from the emphasis on quality and a more superior service. This shift can undermine your brand and long-term client relationships.

Key Quotes;

Good clients are not just focused on price. They are focused on those other qualitative and quantitative results that come as a result of hiring an external coach, consultant, speaker, trainer service provider.

— Jess Lorimer [00:21:09][00:21:28]

Overcoming Pricing Anxiety in Business: And you think that price is the issue because price is the thing that you feel least confident about. So you don’t feel confident in your own pricing or in your own negotiation skills.

— Jess Lorimer [00:17:01][00:17:10]

What other people think of my prices or of your prices are none of your business! And I just want that to be super clear because I see people tying themselves in knots about what their price should be, and it’s completely irrelevant to anybody else, and their opinion does not matter. — Jess Lorimer [00:06]:09[00:06:27]

If companies don’t spend on training or consulting or coaching or motivating their employees through speaking, or they don’t invest in opportunities that would help them market better or communicate better internally and externally, then they know that they will struggle to thrive in good and bad economic periods. — Jess Lorimer [00:10:21][00:10:48]

It’s a common concern that there is this pervasive, school of thought that if you are an entrepreneur, you should be investing in high ticket luxury retreats, coaching masterminds… — Jess Lorimer [00:12:53][00:13:09]

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— Jess Lorimer [00:01:18][00:01:48]

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