Have you figured out what your return on investment could be if you bought The C Suite ® today?

But let’s see what your ROI would look like…

So many people ask me what ‘realistic’ goals or earnings look like if they join The C Suite ®. Whilst your earnings will always be directly linked to the time and energy you spend on implementing the programme, there is also data that we’ve collected over the years to help give you an indication of what your return on investment could look like if you a) purchase and b) implement.

This ROI calculator gives you the ability to pop in your current numbers (or even play around with your goals/ targets!) so that you can see the difference in investing your own time, energy and current strategy vs using the proven methods inside The C Suite ®. All you need to do is put in:

Number of sales: How many sales you’d like to make within the next 90 days
Average Transaction Value: Take the last 90 days in your business and look at the total revenue generated. Divide that total revenue by the number of transactions and that will give you your average transaction value. (The average UK B2B sale is worth 10,000 so you can also use that as a guideline if you wish!)
Average Upsell Value: The price of your average upsell.

Based on industry stats and data collected from our course participants, the calculator has been designed to give you a conservative idea of what you could achieve without sales training and what you could achieve with The C Suite ®.

No. of sales
Average transaction value (£)
Average upsell value (£)

Your Results

Without CourseWith Course
Upsell Revenue0.000.00
Total Revenue0.000.00
Total Return On Investment0.00

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