Anna Pinkerton

Introducing our lovely customers

From private practice to professional trauma consultant for the world’s biggest organisations

Anna joined The C Suite ® in 2020. With a successful career as a psychotherapist (and over 30,000 hours of clinical experience) Anna wanted to sell her services to corporate organisations to reduce the ever-increasing rates of burnout in companies across the globe.

Anna joined The C Suite ® because she wanted a business development process that was simple to execute but that showcased exactly why organisations needed to hire her and support their staff to prevent burn out and organisational trauma. When Covid-19 hit, Anna had been generating leads and running best practice business development processes – so stakeholders knew they could trust her to make massive impact and change to leaders and wellbeing during one of the most challenging times organisations have ever seen.

A few months on and Anna is being sought out as the expert in her space. Having recently hosted a session for the European Commission, Anna is working with large, global organisations and is a true leader in the corporate space. She has billed her first £30K month and is regularly signing contracts with household name organisations.

Anna Pinkerton
Here’s what Anna has to say about her experience inside The C Suite ® so far;
“I have followed Jess on her podcast for a while and then attended her Selling to Corporate conference in London November 2019; which was outstanding. The quality of the material shared at this conference was astonishing. Better still that Jess had attracted a group of people so inspiring. What I enjoyed about the experience was that I felt I was around people that would bring me on in the business world. I felt like I was around people who had intelligent businesses and hda lot to offer the world. They were not afraid to have good business sense around service based industries. That was very attractive to me and so I decided that I needed to join The C Suite ®. Before joining, my business looked a little bit like I wasn’t in love with it. I really loved what I did but I wasn’t really loving where I was in business and there was something so intelligent about Jess’s message that I thought I’d get on board and take some of the anxiety out of business development to be honest. The C Suite ® has simplified what could look like a complex nightmare. Jess has also listened to where I want to take my business and her advice means helping me take steps towards my goal. The core breakthrough so far for me has been doing work that I actually want to do. I wanted to be working inside organisations preventatively. I am a Trauma Consultant and Chronic Stress Consultant and it’s grossly misunderstood; both for short and long-term effects. Getting paid well for the work I truly love is a breakthrough and like a ‘coming home’. I have never had a bank balance like it (no exaggeration). My key celebrations and achievements include; I have billed my first £30k month. Actually being taken on as a Trauma Consultant to help with individual trauma and organisational trauma Getting to work in a way that every day gives me feedback about my expertise, which increases my confidence for the next step, upward spiral. Now I love the work that I’m doing so much that I have changed my mind about my next steps. I have decided to remain working with corporates for longer and move more slowly and incrementally to my next business development idea. Working with corporates from The C -Suite ® has given me a foundation that I am happy to enjoy for way longer than I anticipated.”