Bahee Van De Bor

Introducing our lovely customers

From well known practitioner to well paid and fulfilled business owner

Bahee Van de Bor was already a phenomenal paediatric dietitian when she joined The C Suite ® and had been working in the NHS for a prestigious children’s hospital in the UK before she decided to go into private practice in Harley Street.

Whilst Bahee had a ton of professional experience, accolades and research papers behind her, she had assumed that her private practice would be primarily focused on supporting individual families/ children with dietary needs. However, on being approached by a key brand to work on a children’s menu project, she realised that she wanted more B2B revenue – and the opportunity to change the ways that children eat outside the home/ at restaurants so that they can be happy, healthy and their parents don’t have to cook 24/7! She knew that she wanted to work with organisations and make a bigger impact on children’s health around the globe, but wasn’t sure on the process that she’d need to put in place – or whether it was even possible in her niche.

Bahee joined The C Suite ® in January 2020 and was unsure about;

  • What corporate organisations would want from her
  • Whether big brands would want to work directly with her (as a lot have in-house capabilities for nutritional needs)

But she was also lacking confidence in the B2B sales process – and worried about pricing her services appropriately. Prior to joining The C Suite ® Bahee had no new business development process/ B2B sales strategy and this led to her feeling wary about working with corporates and charging premium prices to ensure that she was able to get big results for companies with a healthy profit margin for her business too.

Six months on and Bahee has been steadily putting in the work to generate qualified leads, practice running business development calls and upped her pricing – and she’s now;

  • Working regularly with both big brands and start-ups to support healthy children’s nutrition inside and outside of the home.
  • Has clear strategies that she uses to generate consistent leads (that she’s regularly turning into sales with a fab conversion rate!)
  • Charging her highest ever fees and feeling confident to have discussions around budgets / pricing – and feeling clear in her worth as an external supplier.
  • Had two proposals accepted on the same day from corporate clients who are paying her fees and are excited to work with her and implement her advice quickly and effectively.
  • Running a primarily B2B based business alongside being an awesome wife, mother of two children and setting all of this up during a global pandemic!
Bahee Van de Bor
Here’s what Bahee has to say about her experience inside The C Suite ® so far;
“When Jess launched the C Suite ® I knew that she was the best person to teach me how to work with brands. I had recently worked on a project with Wagamama and I wanted more of these fabulous projects! I had also literally resigned from my NHS post to start a freelance practice at Harley Street. I was terrified but excited. I assumed that I was building a B2C predominant business but instead, I now primarily work with the baby and toddler food brands or write evidence-based articles for pharmaceutical companies. The breakthrough moment for me was when I had about 4 proposals accepted all at once. Prior to this, I didn’t really believe that corporates would work with me. To my delight, using the follow-up process that Jess teaches, two proposals had been accepted on the same day. All whilst juggling motherhood and the ropes of a new online B2C business in the thick of COVID. I have now secured two of my biggest business contracts (pricing that I never would have dreamed of charging prior to working with Jess). I definitely wouldn’t have achieved this without the support inside the C Suite ®. I now have clear strategies on how to convert new business leads and charge a fee that I believe reflects my level of expertise. However, this magnitude of success wouldn’t have been possible without Jess’s support and advice. If you’ve been thinking of joining C Suite ®, don’t hesitate. It really has been one of the best decisions I have taken for my business.”