Emma Waltham

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Covid-19 cancelled everything – and The C Suite ® ensured a swift bounceback (and long-term success)

Prior to joining The C Suite ® in April 2020, Emma had already been working with corporate organisations to support them with maternity support solutions for staff returning to work after having a baby. Emma knew that she wanted to work with corporate clients (and that they were significantly benefitting from her expertise) but she found it frustrating and difficult to get new clients – and was tired of the long sales cycle.

When Covid-19 hit, many of her existing clients cancelled upcoming work and Emma was struggling to book business development calls with contacts in the wake of the initial panic of the pandemic. Rather than let her business suffer, Emma decided to join The C Suite ® and put a solid strategy in place for generating leads and sales at a time where the media and other suppliers were insistent that companies weren’t spending.

But within just a month of joining The C Suite ®, Emma significantly increased the amount of business development calls she was booking (by 400%!) She used The C Suite ® to improve her messaging and positioning in the marketplace and her follow up processes and found that she was able to book more business development calls than ever – in an easier and simpler way.

Just five months later, Emma has been signing clients regularly, booking business development calls consistently and has even regenerated opportunities that she thought were ‘done and dusted’ due to Covid-19. It’s increased her sales confidence and her pipeline – and she’s looking forward to a strong 2021.

To hear more about Emma Waltham’s journey inside The C Suite ® and their breakthrough moments, take a listen to How to run a successful business selling B2B in less than twenty hours a week with Emma Waltham of the Selling to Corporate ® podcast now

Emma Waltham
Here’s what Emma has to say about her experience inside The C Suite ® so far;
“I wanted to grow my business in 2020 but when Covid hit, it became so challenging. Much of the work I had in the diary was cancelled or postponed, and I found it almost impossible to arrange calls with prospective clients. They were all suddenly overwhelmed dealing with the implications for their organisations. I felt very isolated and concerned. I had attended the Converting Corporates event in 2019 and knew that Jess would be able to help me – and how much I would benefit from part of The C Suite ® community at this time. It was a big decision, deciding to invest when my revenue was drying up, but six months later, I know I absolutely made the right decision. My business was ticking over (in 2019) but I was having to work very hard to find new clients. It was frustrating and draining. I knew there was potential for growth, but I couldn’t work out how to make it happen – and then Covid came along. The future seemed so uncertain. My biggest breakthrough so far has been in drastically increasing the number of business development calls I’m having. With the help of Jess, who suggested just a few key tweaks to my messaging and how I need to be following up, I’m now easily booking 3 or 4 calls a week – up from just 1 per week before I joined The C-Suite ®. This has been a game changer, as the calls are all with great organisations who are interested in what I have to offer. I’ve also learned so much from the regular business development training days. Jess has taught me how to sell consultatively with integrity and confidence, and I’m getting results. My key celebrations are gaining new clients! I’m busy writing proposals for organisations I’d be delighted to work with and I have a strong sales pipeline. If I can grow my business in 2020 then who knows what’s possible in 2021? I’m feeling much more confident about the future and excited to see what happens next.”