Kay Fabella

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From undervalued online to redefining DEI strategies in global organisations

Kay Fabella was a visionary in the online space – before it was ready to challenge perceptions and become a more inclusive space for all. But the downside to wanting to make big changes to a global environment before people are able to see the problem? Is that no-one wants to change. And so, she decided to take the incredible work that she was doing on a 1:1 basis with individuals from under-represented groups, into corporate organisations and improve diversity and inclusion initiatives for large companies around the globe.

Kay decided to invest in The C Suite ® and to create her corporate revenue stream. By using the portal to create a game changing whitepaper and generate consistent (high profile!) leads and networking inside the private Facebook Community, she was able to generate paid contracts, working with some of the world’s largest brands and impact thousands of employees around the world.

Within just five months, Kay had been featured in Forbes as a DEI expert, had secured her first keynote speaking opportunity and had become a well known facilitator for huge household name organisations. She’s now using The C Suite ® to scale her successes; sign more clients, grow her business and create the business model that can take her company to a new level of impact (and income) generation.

To hear more about Kay Fabella’s journey inside The C Suite ® and their breakthrough moments, take a listen to The journey to a 100K month with Kay Fabella of the Selling to Corporate ® podcast now

Kay Fabella
Here’s what Kay has to say about her experience inside The C Suite ® so far;
“Jessica Lorimer’s The C Suite ® program has been an absolute game-changer. I knew I wanted to work with someone who could help me add a B2B revenue to my business. I was also intrigued by how I could take my 1:1 work with individuals from underrepresented groups — to offer it on a larger scale to organizations who needed help with diversity, equity and inclusion. Five months into The C Suite ®, I was featured in Forbes as a DEI expert. Every day, I’m regularly engaging with key stakeholders in companies like Philips, Amazon, the IMF, Google, Tesla and more. I’m being asked to come in as a facilitator for companies with distributed teams, as a strategist for organizations looking to establish a multi-year DEI plan, and regularly invited to contribute to summits, podcasts, media and more. I even secured a paid keynote with PepsiCo and Frito Lay in the fall of 2020! I’ve never worked harder nor have I had more fun in my business since joining the program. And I couldn’t have done it without Jess’s support, the top-notch resources and industry experts shared in The C Suite ®, and a safe space to find my voice as a thought leader, learning from the incredible network of talented professionals inside the community. And honestly? Having Jess is in your corner is a no-brainer if you want to sell to corporates, which every online business owner needs now to survive and thrive today. She’s the perfect mix of no-nonsense, highly strategic and encouraging, and is a wealth of knowledge who’s constantly challenging you to be a better professional and human. Cannot recommend The C Suite ® enough!”