Tom Manning

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Inspired Change UK From selling to SME’s to simplifying and successfully navigating big business development processes

Tom joined The C Suite ® in the spring of 2020. A performance management specialist who had previously been transforming the way that SME’s approached their ability to manage employees in a positive way, Tom wanted to get into bigger organisations and make a wider impact with his work.

Tom had been trying to get into bigger organisations for a while and was frustrated with his business development process. The sales cycle was long and he was finding it challenging to get bigger organisations to understand the value of a new performance management method against tired pieces of technology that didn’t adequately meet staff needs or put positive performance management at the heart of an organisation.

He joined The C Suite ® and focused consistently on;

  • The end to end business development process; creating a process that suited his style, approach and fit into his day.
  • Running effective business development calls that would help him to turn a prospect into an avid fan (and customer!)
  • Writing proposals that would convert into premium packages being sold.

In just five months, Tom had made his entire C Suite ® investment back – and created a business development process that worked for his business. He consistently generates qualified, warm leads who are interested and open to the new approaches that he takes with performance management and is consistently creating proposals for multiple five figure contract pieces of work.

Tom Manning
Here’s what Tom has to say about her experience inside The C Suite ® so far;
“I started working with Jess around April 2020 – I had a number of SME clients that I consult with and I really wanted to get into bigger organisations – I’d been trying – and failing – to do that for a long time and frankly was quite frustrated. Someone recommended me to Jess and I signed up pretty quickly. In 5 months I’d got my first corporate client and their initial order meant I’d got all my money back and more on my investment with Jess – and they are likely to do more with me. For me, Jess has done a number of things: 1. She really opened my eyes to outreach – what structured outreach is and how to do it. 2. She was always able to offer detailed feedback on any proposals I put together which meant that with everyone one I was getting better over time – note that before this I’d never even got to the position of even submitting a proposal. 3. I really learnt a lot about listening to the customer and structuring a call with a prospective lead to really understand their business better so that I can put together a better proposal. 4. All the many other aspects of business development – and that it’s not just about one thing but many things that you need to do consistently over time – Jess is always coming out with other ways to develop your business and other value adds that help you to grow in a sustained way. I’d definitely recommend her.”