Nov 10, 2023

STC112 Creating your best B2B sales mindset (and generating more revenue!)


STC112 Creating your best B2B sales mindset (and generating more revenue!)

In our latest episode, “Creating your best B2B sales mindset (and generating more revenue!)”

I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to our inspiring guest, Vicki Weinberg who is sharing her incredible journey from self-study to business success and also her insights into creating a positive B2B sales mindset.


We dive deep into the transformative power of mindset when it comes to generating more revenue and achieving sales goals and Vicki shares how she overcame her fears and self-doubt to embark on a self-study program that empowered her to make significant changes to her sales process. She emphasises how tracking her actions and progress has led to tangible results.


Vicki Weinberg shares her experience with self-study programs and the importance of dedication and implementation ([06:32][09:18])

Jess Lorimer discusses common fears and concerns about selling to corporates and the importance of managing emotions ([16:45][21:12])


In this episode I’m sharing;


  • Main fears when selling to corporates; small providers working with big brands; concerns about competition, corporate jargon, and looking silly; reassurance in following a proven sales process.

  • Courses focus on theory, not practical application.

  • Scheduled emails eliminate decision-making and emotions.

  • Why asking for referrals can be uncomfortable.



Key Quotes;


I’d rather pay someone who knows what they’re doing, not have to think about it. — Vicki Weinberg [00:04:32][00:04:35]


Imposter Syndrome: “I was a little bit nervous, to be honest, because while I knew I was coming at it from a good place, there was this bit of me thinking, Who am I to approach a large company and say I can help you? What credentials do I have? Why would they choose to work with me?”

— Vicki Weinberg [00:10:03][00:10:18]


What I’ve really appreciated about the c suite is you don’t have to follow it in a linear way. I dip in and out all the time. I just have a problem, and I go, oh, there’s probably something in there. I’ll find the thing I need and I’ll use it which is really refreshing to not have to work through 60 hours before you can do anything.

— Vicki Weinberg [00:24:58][00:25:17]



Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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